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After his admission to the Massachusetts Bar in 1978, Mr. McCarthy became an associate at the Framingham, Massachusetts Law Firm of Sheridan, Garrahan & Lander, a prominent suburban Boston firm consisting of twenty-five attorneys specializing in litigation involving offshore entities and criminal law. Mr. McCarthy practiced in the Litigation Department of Sheridan, Garrahan & Lander and became a Partner at the firm in 1985.

In 1988, Mr. McCarthy opened his practice, concentrating on the defense of operating under the influence cases, Statewide in Massachusetts.

With his extensive OUI defense experience and knowledge of the law, Attorney McCarthy frequently obtains not-guilty verdicts and dismissals of OUI charges. He has a remarkable ability to connect with judges and jurors in drunk driving trials. He uses this connection to educate and inform the jury and OUI trial judge about facts favorable to his client. He also is very adept at pointing out deficiencies in the prosecution’s case. Attorney McCarthy’s clients find him personable, responsive, experienced, and well-versed in all OUI criminal defense tactics. From suppressing the stop; to challenging breathalyzer results; and effectively arguing on behalf of his client, Attorney McCarthy delivers the highest level of service, and he regularly earns not guilty verdicts and dismissals.

The penalties for Operating After Suspension (OAS) can be severe. For example, even a first offense of OAS after a driver’s license has an Ignition Interlock Device restriction mandates a minimum 150-day jail sentence and a 10-year loss of license. Attorney McCarthy’s knowledge and experience allow his clients to benefit from strategies and case law that are either unknown or not employed by most defense attorneys.